Regional Drought Resilience Planning for the Mid West Region (Pilot)

NACC NRM, DPIRD and the Mid West Development Commission joined forces to deliver the Mid West Regional Drought Resilience Plan, covering the City of Greater Geraldton and the Shires of Chapman Valley and Northampton. The regional drought resilience planning process brought together regional organisations, local government, communities and industry to prepare for future drought risk and identify priority actions to build drought resilience. 

A Project Advisory Group was established, made up of local government representatives, NGOs, Grower Groups and agribusiness, to guide development of the plan.

Public consultation was guided by the Future Drought Fund’s three strategic priorities of economic, environmental, and social resilience. Consultation sessions focused on identifying the perceptions, experiences, and associated risks of drought, reviewing emerging technical analyses from the Mid West Drought Vulnerability Assessment, sharing the results of earlier engagement efforts, and identifying drought resilience actions for inclusion in the Mid West RDRP. Stakeholder engagement and consultation occurred between October 2021 and June 2022 with participation from almost 600 people representing 140 different organisations and businesses 

The resulting drought resilience plan will help ensure our regional communities are prepared for future droughts, build environmental, economic, and social resilience to droughts, improve natural resource management, and are well-positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities for investment in drought resilience in regional Australia. 

Funding from the Federal Drought Fund and WA State Government has now been released to support the implementation of priority initiatives identified in the Plan.  

After re-establishing governance and oversight of the implementation activities, we will work collaboratively with stakeholders to identify, develop, refine and design suitable community-led projects.  

For more information please contact NACC NRM’s Regional Drought Resilience Project Officer Yvette Hollings.

E | P (08) 9938 0117 | 0447 298 063 

A number of projects are underway already to begin delivering against priorities identified in the Mid West Regional Drought Resilience Plan. These include: 

The Healthy Lifestyles Community Events project will increase skills, knowledge and understanding of the risks posed by drought and climate change through community events focussed on locally based food production and adaptive solutions to food consumption (led by Mid-West Food Industries Alliance Inc., funded by the Future Drought Fund – Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought, via the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal). 

The Maintaining Community Capacity project will improve capability, coordination and collaboration that can be drawn upon in future drought, through training to build capacity and leadership of local volunteer organisations (led by NACC NRM, funded by the Future Drought Fund – Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought, via the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal). 

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