Fishing Float Survey

Michael Payne
Coastcare Support Officer
(08) 9938 0104
Joshua Burney
Coastal & Marine Project Officer
(08) 9938 0115

0429 967 975

Data from decades of recording marine debris has identified fishing industry related debris as a prevalent, and often dominant, source of waste matter in our oceans and waterways. The Fishing Float Survey project aims to minimise fishing related litter by reporting and tracking items washed up along the Northern Agricultural Region’s coastlines.

Although years of recorded data has helped to determine the sources and scale of marine debris, current data does not enable quantification of different debris sources within the broader category of fishing related debris.

This project will engage coastcare volunteers to report on fishing float numbers collected as marine debris over the course of a year. The resulting database will be used to determine proportions of lost and discarded items from various fisheries. In addition, the process will compare old and new items as a measure of recently lost or discarded items. These results will complement existing ghost-gear studies and serve as an informative resource to be widely published.

For more information, please contact NACC NRM’s Coastal & Marine team.

Dr Michael Payne | (08) 9938 0104 | 0408 236 371

Joshua Burney | (08) 9938 0115 | 0429 967 975

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