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The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) is one of Australia’s 56 regional NRM organisations working to accomplish nation-wide management, restoration and protection of Australia’s natural environment by addressing national environmental priorities at the regional level.

NACC’s vision is to build a healthy, diverse, vibrant and productive land, water and sea-scape – in which local communities and individuals care about environmental stewardship and take real action to protect and manage the amazing natural assets of the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) of Western Australia.

With over 500 voting members, NACC delivers activities and programs in combination with community groups, business and industry, non- government organisations, and all levels of government to conserve and enhance natural assets and advance sustainable outcomes in the region.

The foundation of NACC’s work is driven by the NAR Regional NRM Strategy originally published in 2005 and currently being updated through consultation with regional stakeholders. The strategy guides environmental investment in the region and the new strategy, called NARvis, will also incorporate important climate change considerations.

Across and within all of NACC’s core programs — Sustainable Farming, Coastal and Marine, Biodiversity and Indigenous — NACC seeks to engage local Aboriginal people to advise about and participate in Working on Country and, where possible, to record and preserve traditional ecological knowledge.

What’s behind the name?

NACC is short for the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council. The name represents the holistic nature of the work the organisation does in protecting and repairing the landscape.

A catchment is the area of land that ‘catches’ water, and over which water flows from rainfall, into a river or other wetland. Every piece of land in the world is part of a catchment.

NACC is a representative group of the catchments in the Northern Agricultural Region which include the: Murchison, Hutt, Bowes, Chapman, Greenough, Irwin, Hill and Moore.

Taking a ‘whole of catchment view’ which incorporates all the elements of the landscape (and coast if the catchment runs into the sea) is critical to securing the future of our precious natural resources.

As the pressures facing our environment continue to grow, support of our natural resources is crucial and clear planning for that support is essential.

NACC’s Mission

Catalyse Community Conservation.

NACC’s Purpose, Way and Impact Statements

NACC NRM’s Purpose is: To guide and support the Northern Agricultural Region community to value, and actively protect our region’s natural capital, consistent with the Aspirations and Goals of NARvis.

We Do this by: By Catalysing Community Conservation through passionate delivery of collaborative on-ground projects and education.

We want our Impact to be that: Our natural resources and environment are valued by the community and managed sustainably.

NACC’s Organisational Culture and Values

In delivering our strategic plan NACC NRM will continue to uphold with the highest regard, our positive organisational culture and our commitment to our organisational values.

Passion – For delivering our Purpose, Way and Impact, and for making a lasting positive contribution to our region’s precious and unique natural environment.

Collaboration – Encompassing both teamwork within the organisation, and partnerships with external organisations and the wider community in working towards shared outcomes.

Leadership – Demonstrating initiative and innovation aimed at ensuring that we and our communities thrive and adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Respect – Acting with integrity, for our natural environment, for colleagues and partners, and for others within the wider community.

Impartiality – Remaining  impartial in the way in which we conduct our business and interact with individuals, groups and government and in so doing make informed decisions based on balanced and sound scientific information.

For over a decade NACC has been steering the region towards a sustainable, healthy future. NACC will continue to work in partnership with the community, industry and government to ensure we maintain a vibrant and prosperous region.

The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) is one of 56 regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations around Australia, and one of six in Western Australia.

Regional NRMs were established in the early 2000s by the Australian Government to deliver community-based projects to address environmental degradation at a regional or landscape scale.

In the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) a number of farm and catchment groups had already begun to collaborate across boundaries and, in 1995, formed the Northern Agricultural Integrated Management Strategy (NAIMS). NACC was formed from NAIMS in 2002.

At establishment, each Regional NRM worked extensively with the regional communities to develop a detailed Strategic NRM Plan identifying the natural assets and their threatening processes across the entire region, and identified management actions required to maintain the health of the assets into the future.

In its first seven years NACC’s work was largely funded through two programs: The National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP) and the Natural Heritage Trust II (NHT). In turn, those programs were funded through a bilateral agreement between the Australian and Western Australian Governments. The body of work encompassed the priority management interventions identified in the NAR Regional NRM Plan. This work was implemented over three Investment Plans through 20 programs encompassing 117 projects across the region. Annual funding averaged $8-9m.

In 2008 the Australian Government replaced the NAP/NHT programs with the Caring for Our Country program, did not enter into a bilateral agreement with the State government, and reduced the funding to just under $4m pa.

As of June 2013 funding for Caring for Our Country program finished and was rebadged as the National Landcare Programme that continued baseline funding for another four years at NACC.

NACC Reconciliation Action Plan

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