Building a Buzz for Beneficial Bugs

Building a Buzz for Beneficial Bugs (BABFBB) is a State NRM funded project involving the promotion of beneficial insect biodiversity as an alternative to pesticide usage in Horticulture. We have two demonstration sites in the Midwest Horticultural Region showcasing specific insect-attracting flowering plants sown adjacent to horticulture cash crops.

Funded by the Western Australian Government’s Natural Resource Management Program, the BABFBB project will demonstrate how to increase beneficial insects in horticulture systems, while reducing pest insects and reducing pesticide use, through the use of habitat manipulation techniques. The project will work closely with Professor Geoff Gurr and his team who are based at Charles Sturt University along with local representatives from DPIRD, and two NAR growers, Bao Duy Nguyen of Sun City Produce, and Jack Davoren of Chally Bridge Farms.

With over 40% of insect species globally under the threat of extinction, there is call for biodiversity conservation! Intensive horticulture has been identified as a key driver of this problem, with an over-reliance on pesticides. This project provides viable alternatives. By engaging local landholders, this project establishes demonstration sites, integrating increased biodiversity as a tool to efficiently reduce pesticide use. Local horticulturalists now have opportunities to increase their skills, knowledge, and capacity to implement sustainable land management practices. This project provides the tools needed to create a more regenerative, insect-friendly industry, and promotes the importance of insects to biodiversity.

On the 14th of October 2021, the Sustainable Agriculture team ran a Soil Health Webinar for our Building a Buzz for Beneficial Bugs project! To read about it, click here!

Our Sustainable Agriculture team were also able to take this project to the 2021 Mingenew Expo! Read about it here!

Now, the team has created a beneficial insects poster!


A special thank you to David Knowles from Spineless Wonders for providing us with his extensive information on local beneficial insects and the photos of them. Thank you also to Dr Kit Prendergast (the Bee Babette) and Nadine from the Irra Wangga Language Centre at Bundiyarra for the Wajarri insect names. The poster is publically available to everybody in the community. We aim to deliver it to local schools and community groups for everyone to ‘build’ their knowledge around beneficial bugs!

Download the PDF flyer here!

Download the PNG flyer here!

For further information on this project, please contact Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer Anna Cornell at or by calling 0447 298 063!

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