Land for Wildlife

Assisting private landholders to provide habitats for wildlife on their property

The Department of Parks and Wildlife’s well-regarded Land for Wildlife conservation program is partnering with NRMWA to help participants manage their bushland for wildlife habitat.

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary scheme to encourage and assist private landholders to provide habitat for wildlife in bushland on their property.

Land for Wildlife at a glance:

  • It’s free: There are no fees. The scheme recognises the significant contribution made by landholders.
  • It’s completely voluntary: Landholders make a personal commitment to the scheme. They can withdraw at any time they want to.
  • There are no legal binds: Land for Wildlife status does not alter the legal status of the property in any way. It does not provide any right of public access or exclude multiple land use over the area.
  • It’s inclusive” There is no limit on size or primary land use, which could include:
    • farms and bush blocks
    • local council reserves and roadsides
    • school grounds and golf courses.

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Celia and Chris Lee

Hi there!
We got inspired to build a few nesting boxes for native birds a few years ago. But it’s been a disaster. 3-4 galah pairs fight over the boxes for half the year. Then they fight with the 28 parrots over them . Then if they do manage to lay eggs the Jays come and get them or else the local racehorse goanna beats them to it. We were at the Bird Observatory in Broome and the man there who rediscovered the elusive night parrot laughed and agreed it was a disaster for them too. All that happened in the end was that his ringbarked trees died which is what looks like happening to ours too….unless you have a smart idea on how to discourage them marking their trees. We have 14 varieties of birds visit our birdbath which is a delight ( except when the bee- eaters come to visit our bees as well ,! And how to stop the goanna tree climbing ? Many thanks! We have 3 acres at Woorree. Happy to have a visit

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