NARvis (NRM Strategy)

NARvis (Northern Agricultural Region vision) is our regional NRM strategy presented as a website.


NARvis – the Northern Agricultural Regional’s Natural Resource Management Strategy – was first published in 2005 and most recently updated in 2021. Rather than the traditional document, NARvis is presented as a website with interactive maps and content.

NARvis is a regional strategy created with the input and support of state and local government agencies, community groups and land managers. It has been designed as a tool for these stakeholders to identify and prioritise NRM investment in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) and promote collaboration across all levels. The strategy guides environmental investment in the region, identifying priorities for conserving and enhancing natural assets and advancing sustainable development. It is focused on responding effectively to climate change, conserving biodiversity, promoting sustainable production, developing community capacity in NRM and grounding NRM planning and action in local ecological knowledge, recognising the vital role of Traditional Owners and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

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This project is supported by NACC NRM through funding from the Australian Governments National Landcare Program.