Young Environmental Stewards Secure Future of Coastal Sands

On Tuesday 29th June, Year 6 students from Geraldton Primary School joined NACC NRM, Drummond Cove Progress Association, Trees 4 Change, and Sunset Beach Community Group to plant 300 seedlings along the Drummond Cove Foreshore Reserve.

Brent Allen from the Drummond Cove Progress Association organized the trees, stakes and tree guards for the event, with a large variety of native coastal grasses, shrubs and trees being planted throughout the reserve. NACC NRM provided the Pottiputkees – a very handy planting tool that might save your stiff back!

The Year 6s had a fantastic planting attitude and eagerly got all the seedlings in the ground, working in pairs to erect the tree guards to protect the seedlings from wind, trampling and grazing from rabbits and native wildlife. The good showers of rain we’ve been receiving this winter should see these seedlings establish and grow well over the coming months, and help stablise the coastal sands to prevent erosion.

We look forward to returning to the site in future years to see how the plants grow and start to provide habitat for native wildlife and a beautiful wildflower garden for people to enjoy wandering through!

Kahree Garnaut – Biodiversity Project Officer

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