Work hard, play harder

It’s an amazing experience to work and play in the Northern Agricultural Region and more so for an organisation like NACC.

The team of our scientists do a great job in planning for and managing the environmental challenges confronting our region.

For about six and a half years, I have enjoyed the role in leading the Corporate Services Team who work to support our project officers.

It seems like just the other day when I made the move from Perth, having worked in a similar role for St Barts, a progressive Not-For-Profit, working to address another challenge, Homelessness.

Tom Maina, the NACC Corporate Services Manager enjoys being in the outdoors.
Tom Maina, the NACC Corporate Services Manager enjoys being in the outdoors.

My academic background

With an academic background in accounting and finance, I have also worked in the Engineering and Banking sectors in Africa.

On the work front, the obvious can’t be restated; It’s a challenge, but I take it in great stride.

Despite the pressure, I subscribe to the “work hard, party harder philosophy.”

I always look forward to breaks from work so that I can spend time with my family and sometimes with friends to go “bush” and enjoy what nature has to offer. And if I have extra coin, I travel and check out other parts of the world. That is the Elixir of Life.

Giving back to the community

As we should do regularly, I reflect on the journey of my life and ponder the choices I have made.

For me, it appears I have a default setting that leads me to either work or volunteer in all things community, including the environment.

I have traced this interest right from my younger days where among other things, I was in involved in youth projects and conservation education programs with non-governmental organisations in Africa.

I also enjoy taking part in local community events or volunteering in community groups- if that counts as my “giving back” to society to make our city more vibrant. Go Gero!

Do I have hobbies or other interests? Yes a few indeed. I enjoy a social game of golf, cooking, baking?,  music, and have actually set myself a goal to learn to play the guitar in 12 months.

On footy, it is going to have to be West Coast Eagles.

Tom Maina

Corporate Services Manager

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