Woodland wonderland

NACC, alongside farmers in the Northern Agricultural Region are helping protect the region’s amazing plants and animals, one fence at a time.

Red Gully broadacre farmer and budding conservationist Tony Ruse has recently completed another significant area of bushland fencing with NACC support under the Hidden Treasures Fencing program.


Tony at a photo-monitoring point in front of some of his fenced off bushland.

About 2.6km of fencing was undertaken in October, fencing off 24 hectares of high quality Jarrah/Marri woodland on Tony’s property 20km north of Gingin.

This bushland fencing forms part of Tony’s ongoing Woodlands protection project which began five years ago with the help of the Moore Catchment Council and NACC.

As time and funds permit the largest patches of bushland have been fenced off from livestock which has seen significant regeneration in bushland understorey.

Tony sees the benefit of this not only to the health of his vegetation, but also to the native wildlife and the role they play in keeping insect and pest levels in balance throughout the farm.

Congratulations Tony on your work so far, and commitment to farming sustainably.

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