#WomenCanDoAnything was the “take home” message provided by former West Australian Chief Scientist Lyn Beazley at an ‘Inspiring Women in Science’ breakfast held in Geraldton this week.

NACC Program Development and Innovation Manager Katherine Allen, who organised the event, said it was truly amazing to see Lyn bestow her inspiration on each woman in the room, and even on the few men that attended the event to find-out more about the subject matter, and to support women working in science.

“We were extremely lucky have the female science superstar of the state as part of our Goodness Festival event, and we extend an enormous thank you to her for squeezing NACC and Geraldton into her busy National Science Week schedule.”

Lyn told many inspiring stories about herself and other women working in science to the “sell-out” audience over the course of the morning.

One of Lyn’s stories that particularly stood out was about a young girl that she knew, who told her mother that she wanted to be a doctor. Her mother said to her “You can’t be a doctor … only men are doctors … you can be a nurse”. Lyn then went on to say that, in fact, there is nothing that women can’t do, and that as adults, we need to encourage children to be confident in pursuing careers in science – and, in turn, to do incredible things for our society.

This event was organised and supported by NACC, in collaboration with the Goodness Festival and Central Regional TAFE, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and CSIRO.

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