Wild About Weelhamby

Perenjori farmers are building a sanctuary for local flora and fauna.

Weelhamby farm is a broad acre wheat farm owned and operated by Jacqui and Dean Van Brunschot, located near Weelhamby Lake, north east of Perenjori.

The Van Brunschots foster a special love for the bushland on their farm and have ambitions to protect about 127 hectares of remnant vegetation, as part of NACC’s Habitat Fencing Incentive scheme.

NACC NRM Officer Sarah Gilleland said the Weelhamby Farm had a beautiful range of diverse native flora, supporting an equally diverse community of fauna. “During our visit we saw some fantastic local bird species, including Red-tailed black cockatoos, budgerigars, red breasted robins and a wedge tail eagle,” she said.

Keen to share their farm’s natural beauty, during wildflower season the Van Brunschot’s open their farm to the wider public, allowing tourists to meander along walking trails, to enjoy the native bushland and explosion of colourful wildflower blooms.

By fencing-off their bushland, local farmers help to create a refuge for local flora and fauna where the public can learn about and enjoy nature.

If you have any queries about NACC’s Habitat Fencing Incentive or would like to register an expression of interest, please contact your local NACC Natural Resource Management Officer.

If you would like to see the spectacular wildflowers at Weelhamby for yourself, visit their Facebook page.

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Good on you! I lived on Weelhamby from 1979-2002 and derived my life-long love of the bush, salt lakes and nature conservation from my time growing up on this farm. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in our region and we bring our kids back regularly so they can experience all the unique flora and fauna that live out in north-east Perenjori. I hope the Major Mitchell’s cockatoos still visit the trees at the homestead!

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