When Community Comes Together

No one would argue with the sentiment that it is hard to be grateful when things aren’t going well. But invariably, a common theme of stories shared since Tropical Cyclone Seroja is, ‘it could have been worse’.

It has been heartening to see so many communities pull together and support each other during this time. Our friends at Mingenew Irwin Group supported the Shire of Mingenew to do welfare checks on properties without power or communications. People in and around Geraldton have donated everything from food to generators to linen and then delivered these items to communities from Kalbarri to Perenjori. I am sure that thousands of volunteer hours have contributed to clean-up efforts across Northampton, Chapman Valley, Mingenew, Morawa, Perenjori all the way through to Dalwallinu. To all of our NAR communities, please keep reaching out for support. NACC NRM and many other organisations across the NAR are here for the long-haul of recovery.

Much of the hard work is only just beginning for many communities. On top of facing medium to long-term housing challenges, many significantly impacted communities are trying to continue their normal farming operations – including seeding – in the face of equipment damage and parts shortages.

Although NACC NRM can’t rebuild homes or sheds or supply agricultural equipment, we have been doing what we can to support the immediate recovery effort. NACC NRM has been collecting donations and helping those donations get to our inland communities, particularly our hometown of Perenjori.  We are also contacting local governments to let them know we are here and ready to talk about replanting lost trees when the time is right for their community. We are also hoping to work with the community and DBCA to monitor the impact of TC Seroja on native vegetation in the most impacted parts of the region, using our Smartphone App Photomon. If you are interested in participating, please get in contact. If you want to talk about replanting trees on your property, see the RALF article later on in NACC Notes.

To our agricultural landholders, if you need any support during this difficult period, please get in contact with the NACC NRM team. We may not have the resources ourselves, but we will do everything we can to find the right assistance for you.  

Katherine Allen – CEO

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It sure is a wake up after 30 years of planting to see those amazing trees just pulled out is something else.
Great to have your support around our region

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