Wetland Biodiversity Matters – World Wetlands Day 2020

The 2nd of February every year marks World Wetlands Day and this year NACC NRM and Chapman River Friends joined forces again this time with Huon Aquaculture, to celebrate with an early morning guided walk around the Chapman River estuary.

This year’s theme for World Wetlands Day was ‘Wetland Biodiversity Matters’ which was fitting for the day as 23 eager participants explored and learned about the wide variety of flora and fauna who live and thrive in the Chapman River estuary’s ecosystem.

The event commenced with an inspiring Welcome to Country delivered by Amangu – Wilinyu traditional owner, David Ronan, who graciously shared stories of his ancestors who once fished in the Chapman River waterways.

Eco gurus Mic Payne and Joshua Foster split the group into two and set off on their walks, each sharing their wealth of knowledge about the incredible biodiversity of the aquatic and terrestrial habitats found in and around the Chapman River.

NACC NRM Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle, said the walk was successful in sharing with the public how important wetlands are in providing important ecosystem services like water purification, coastal stabilisation and carbon storage.

“Wetlands provide habitat, breeding grounds and nurseries to a vast range of plants and animals, about 40% of all living species on Earth in fact,” Ms Kendle said.

After an enlightening two hours of learning, Kerry from the Geraldton Coffee Van was on hand to provide a much needed caffeine boost along with morning tea.

The morning was wrapped up with Michelle Jones and her fabulous Wildlife family coming along to provide some family entertainment with an array of reptiles who proved to be a big hit with the kids.

This project was proudly supported by NACC NRM with funding from Huon Aquaculture.

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