Welcome to our region’s newest local Landcare Coordinator – Hey Jude

If you think the name and face of the new Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group Landcare Coordinator is familiar, you’re right. And that’s because Jude Sutherland has been working with NACC and YYCMG for quite some time now, with lots of NRM runs already on the board across the region.

NACC has been supporting YYCMG for the past couple of years, including through providing project officers and other forms of valuable support.

Tree planting day event held last year with local farmer Brett Lang and Kalannie Primary School pupils (on his property).
Tree planting day event held last year with local farmer Brett Lang and Kalannie Primary School pupils (on his property).

NACC’s aim has been to keep this local, grass-roots organisation going while increasing its capacity wherever possible. As a result of this support, YYCMG have been able to undertake some amazing work with local land managers and communities – from Carnamah to Kalannie and beyond – on a variety of projects, as well as some fantastic local and regional events.

YYCMG has also been able to put in several successful funding applications to help keep the group active over the coming years. One of these grants – via the WA State NRM Office – has resulted in YYCMG being able to employ a dedicated Local Landcare Coordinator, which is why the YYCMG is very excited to welcome Jude to their team.

With this invaluable support from the WA State Natural Resource Management Program and NACC, Jude will mainly be responsible for delivering a Community Capability Grant focusing on “encouraging volunteers to help their environment in the North Eastern Wheatbelt.”

This project will provide opportunities for community members to get involved with strategic on-ground NRM works, to work with other volunteers on local NRM projects, and to increase their skills and knowledge of local NRM issues, as well as help guide the group in its future direction.

Not surprisingly, given her past work with NACC, and more broadly with NRM in the region, Jude will be hitting the ground running. And just as well, as there is plenty in the pipeline at YYCMG over the next couple of months, including workshops on innovative feral pest management, surface water management, and a National Tree Day event. Jude will be based in Perenjori, working 1.5 days per week.

YYMCG Projects

Jude said the YYCMG will be delivering two new Community Action Grants funded through the WA State NRM Office for the immediate future. The first is a 60 hectare revegetation project with Kalannie farmer, Bob Nixon, And the second is an extension of an existing “Creating Corridors and Protecting Fenceline Flora” project.

The Fenceline Flora project involves planting revegetation corridors on farmland, whilst protecting existing native flora along fencelines.

In addition, YYCMG will be delivering a variety of informative and practical workshops looking at everything from birds, bugs, bees and more, with project partners Birdlife Australia and the Mayfield Ecology Lab.

Jude said YYCMG are also looking forward to a new partnership with Edith Cowan University over the next 18 months – making use of funding from the Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association to look at assessing restoration success by using reptiles and small mammals.

“YYCMG is also keen for some post-seeding celebrations, including BBQ nights and a bus tour, bird identification workshops,” she said. “Watch this space.”

Another big event in the planning is a BioBlitz – in September at Bunjil Rocks/Latham. This will be conducted on 23-24 September in partnership with the Moore Catchment Council and NACC.

For more information on any of the above or if you would like to see how you can get involved with YYCMG, please contact Jude via email at: landcarecoordinator@yarrayarracatchment.org.au


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