Want to have a sustainable Christmas? We have you covered

NACC got into the festive spirit last week in a really sustainable way, as the entire team pitched in to reduce our waste this Christmas.

Here are some of the things we did to reduce our impact on the environment:

-We reused old newspapers, magazines and loo rolls to create our own Christmas crackers, complete with NACC Facts rather than dad jokes (yes, they were even printed on recycled paper).

-Rather than the traditional Kris Kringle where you receive a $10 gift that generally ends up in the bin, we re-gifted. Staff had to bring something from home they no-longer wanted or used and wrapped it up (in pre-loved paper). If you didn’t like what you unwrapped then you had the option to ‘steal’ someone else’s gift. This year a rather lovely hammock was the item in demand!

-We know that single-use plastic is one of the biggest culprits for environmental pollution and marine debris. So to avoid using plastic plates, cups and cutlery, the NACC staff opted for traditional tableware for our Christmas staff lunch.

Want to have your own sustainable Christmas?

To get you started, Planet Ark has created the 12 Do’s of Christmas website. The site offers simple tips for making your family’s Christmas special, without costing the earth – from fun festive recycled crafts, to feel-good gifts with meaning.

Did you know that over 1/3 of what Australians spend on food for Christmas is wasted!

Now is the ideal time to start your own worm farm or compost, turn those unwanted scraps into food for your garden.

Planet Ark also has a gift to use all year-round – the free and easy-to-use RecycleSmart App! This comprehensive recycling App answers all those tricky recycling questions.

Have a Merry Green Christmas!

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