Walking Through Landcare Week

On Saturday the 8th of August, NACC NRM teamed up with Chapman River Friends and Birdlife Midwest to celebrate WA Landcare Week with a guided walk focused on Black Cockatoos within the Midwest region.

After a short presentation from Birdlife member Alice Bishop, 19 eager participants took off to explore while embracing the Landcare Week theme of ‘Get connected with the environment in your local community’.

Alice discussed which cockatoo species could be found within the Chapman River Regional Park and also highlighted how important the whole river system is to one of the northernmost populations of Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos which are listed as ‘Endangered’ under the EPBC Act (1999). 

Although we didn’t see any Black Cockatoos during our walk, we did see several other bird species including a very photogenic Cormorant. The Chapman River Regional Park is home to over 120 species of birds both migratory and resident and at this time of year you may even be lucky enough to see a sacred kingfisher.

If you would like to know more about NACC NRM’s initiative ‘Protecting Black Cockatoos in the Northern Agricultural Region’ please contact Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle on 9938 0108 or jarna.kendle@nacc.com.au

Jarna Kendle – Bushcare Officer

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