Walk On The Wild Side

There was rain, there was wind and there was walking – but most importantly there was fun!

During the 2017 Goodness Festival, NACC and Chapman River Friends joined forces to celebrate the wildlife of Chapman River Regional Park. More than 20 people (old, young and younger) enjoyed the walk which began at Spalding Park and followed the meandering river along to Stepping Stones.

Recent rain has resulted in the river being higher than normal which meant sadly the group could not cross at the Stepping Stones. Instead the party hiked back along the top track, taking in views of the Moresby Range.  Along the way guests were treated to several sightings of cryptic spider orchids, grevilleas, wattles, fan flowers and more.

Also included in this exciting morning event was a visit from Michelle and her friends from Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park.

NACC’s Biodiversity Coordinator Jessica Stingemore said she had completed this walk countless times, but each time she saw something different.

“Generally that is thanks to an inquisitive young mind asking a question about something,” she said.

The Chapman River Regional Park extends over more than 300 hectares of remnant native vegetation and contains about 300 species of native plants.

There are more than 123 recorded species of birds and many reptiles and frogs. Some of our most iconic native species – such as possums, echidnas and kangaroos – also call the park their home.

This event was supported by the Chapman River Friends and Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Programme.


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