Videos available for top Coastal Forum

This year’s Coastal Forum brought together coastcare groups from the southern Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) recently, and if you missed it, don’t panic – the presentations have just been released!

The event, hosted by Cambridge Coastcare at the WA Ecology Centre in Perth with support from Curtin University, Perth NRM, Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) and Kings Park and Botanic Garden, provided participants with valuable information from a broad range of innovative coastal research.

Twelve cohesive videos have just been released by Curtin University student Simone Pedrini,  who collated each presentation and its slides, providing another invaluable and lasting resource for WA Coastcarers.

Guest speakers on the day included: Ben Croxford, David Merritt, Mike Bamford, Don Bradshaw, Andrew Burbidge, John Huisman, John Statton, Sophie Cross, Ashley Robb, Craig Wilson, Vanessa McGuiness and Angela Rossen.

To access the entire set of presentations click here. Select by presenter and/or topic to view the respective YouTube link. There are 12 topics to choose from, including community development, coastal restoration, growing coastal species, protecting terrestrial biodiversity and more.

Special thanks were extended to Professor Kingsley Dixon for organising the event, as well as Curtin University, Cambridge Coastcare, Perth NRM and the Forum speakers.

The filming of the 2017 Coastal Forum’s presentations was made possible through NACC’s Quick Step Grants.

For more information on NACC’s Coastal and Marine Program, please contact Vanessa McGuiness (e) (p) 08 9938 0108.

NACC’s Quick Step Grant Program was made possible through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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