Vale Tom Maina

It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the sudden passing of our beloved and valued team member, Mr Tom Maina.

Tom commenced with NACC NRM in 2009 moving from Perth with his family to take up the Corporate Services Manager role.

In his role with NACC NRM Tom grew his knowledge of agriculture, coastal and terrestrial conservation, the priorities of First Nations peoples and took a keen interest in NACC NRM’s on ground activities. He was influential in reassuring many of our partner organisations in their early days of working with NACC NRM. Tom was always eager to be involved in NRM working bees and community events during Team Retreats. He was passionate about improving the health of our natural environment and was dedicated to applying his skills to help NACC NRM achieve its goals.

Tom immersed himself fully in the Geraldton and Mid West community and was an integral member of several community groups including Rotary (immediate past President), Regional Development Australia Mid West Gascoyne (Deputy Chair), the Mid West Multicultural Society (President), a founding member of the Midwest African Association and of course his beloved church.

Tom was an honest hardworking man. The perfect ‘numbers man’ combination. But he was also passionate about his homes, both Australia and Kenya. In March 2019 Tom penned the piece below for our monthly #peopleofNRM article series. Who better to express his passion for his countries than the great man himself.

There is No Place Like the Bush…
Written by Tom Maina

Those that have been around me for long enough appreciate my great love for the outdoors. How magical is it then to live, work and play in the Midwest of Western Australia. However any place in the land Down Under goes for me. There are lots of places in Oz on my bucket list.
And to quote from the national anthem: “Our home is girt by Sea, Our land abounds in nature’s gifts, Of beauty, rich and rare”.Then who could not possibly want to go out and explore the sights, sounds and smells that the Aussie bush has to offer. Forget the 5-star rating of our Hotels, why not indulge in what I fondly refer to as Billion-Star accommodation and many a starry nights as I lay under canvas which I tend to do most of the time while on holidays. And one cannot overlook the sky show that is the Milky Way complete with the Emu, Southern Cross and lots more.
I indulge myself in this life together with my family including my three kids and the many friends together we marvel at the vast open spaces- on land and sea.
You begin to understand why I love to work for NACC as an organisation that works to protect the bush (my playground) and all the critters that come with it.
I have enjoyed camping all my life starting out as a young scout in Africa through to when I led our Wildlife Club in High School to visit some places like the Laikipia Nature Conservancy in those days managed as a private ranch.
And to quote from the biographical movie, “I dreamed of Africa” starring Kim Basinger and Daniel Craig to tell a true story of one of Africa’s great conservationists:
 “Finally, all we can do is to let the days instruct us…
…and knowing what we love we can never lose.
There is no holding on in this world.
We came to this extraordinary place…
…and Africa let us lead extraordinary lives.
Then Africa claimed an extraordinary price.
That was Africa’s privilege.
And now it is my privilege to look after Africa herself “
I could happily substitute Australia for Africa above and the same could be said.

Tom was a leader, a gentleman and our friend.

Tom’s sudden passing leaves a huge hole in the Geraldton and Midwest community, but there is no place where this will be felt more sharply, than with his family. Tom is survived by his wife and three children and we wish them all of our strength to help them navigate through this tragic time.

Vale Tom Mwangi Maina


Katherine Allen – CEO, NACC NRM


Sad to hear such bad news. Tom was indeed a good man, with a welcoming smile and friendly hello every time we crossed paths. Diligent, determined and focused, he has certainly left his mark. My thoughts go out to the NACC NRM team and of course to Tom’s family.

Truer words have never been so precious to us all.
My thought & prayers are with his family today & always.
Rest in peace my dear Tom.

It is with shock and sadness to read of Tom’s passing , he was always very friendly we always had discussions at NACC meeting and when meeting up in town and shows .

I don’t recall meeting his family , but if possible please pass on my deepest sympathy to his family and the NACC Team.

To everyone at NACC and Toms family I send my heart felt condolences at such a great loss to everyone
RIP Tom forever running free under the endless star filled sky and across the open country of the Midwest 👣🪸💐🌺🌻🌈
Love heather

Legends never Die.💞
Tom has left a legacy to be emulated from.
Will be missed dearly but will cherish his memories. May his soul rest in eternal peace .
Aum Shanti 🕉️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🕉️
Atul & Sarju Gudka
Perth, WA

Tom will be greatly missed, he was a wonderful person with a big heart and smile.
I send my deepest condolences to his family.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all, at this sad time.

So sad to hear this news about one of natures gentlemen. Tom was always interested in what you were doing and always had a big smile no matter what. Nothing was too much trouble. Sincere commiserations to his family.

In only got to meet Tom occasionally over the years, and every brief catch-up would start with ‘Habari ya siku mingi’. Then a huge smile would illuminate Tom’s face and I would immediately feel the warmth and the generosity of his personality. We lost a true champion for tolerance and multi-culturalism, and a genuine bush lover. Kwaheri Bwana Tom.
My sincerest condolences to his family, to NACC and to the many organisations he was a part of.

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