Vale Shelley Spriggs

It is with great sadness that we inform members and long-time NACC Notes subscribers, of the passing of Ms Shelley Spriggs, former NACC NRM, CEO (2010-2014).

Shelley moved to Geraldton ‘temporarily’ in 2010 to take on the Acting CEO role at NACC NRM. I know from my conversations with her, that she never planned to stay. However the beauty of the region and lifestyle on offer beckoned and Shelley was appointed on a more permanent basis by mid-2010. During her time with NACC NRM she instigated NACC Notes and was instrumental in guiding NACC NRM through the transition from NHT2/NAP funding into Caring for our Country and then into NLP1.

I was fortunate enough to work with Shelley during her time as CEO. She was both stubborn and passionate which resulted in some butting of heads at times between us. However, Shelley’s life experience and perspective were invaluable to our conversations and the issues were generally resolved after a robust discussion and a coffee, or a wine.

Among Shelley’s many life experiences and accolades she was a Graduate of Course 10 of the Australian Rural Leadership Program in 2003-2004; a skydiving enthusiast who participated in world record attempts and world championships; and worked with the UN to negotiate between Australia and Japan, the cessation of whaling in the Pacific. Shelley was also a Red Cross disaster relief volunteer and was also very passionate about helping young women reach their potential. She also supported and volunteered with Barnados Australia.

Since 2014, Shelley was often spotted around Geraldton by the NACC NRM team, enjoying her retirement on the golf course. In 2016, Shelley was acknowledged as one of the inaugural inductees to the NAR NRM Honour Roll for her contribution to natural resource management in the NAR.

Shelley, your contribution to NACC NRM and the region will not be forgotten. You are greatly missed.

Katherine Allen – CEO


Shelley most certainly was a determined person but she had many friends across Australia.
She was passionate about regional involvement in NACC & its delivery of projects.
I knew her well & will miss deeply.

Very shocked and sad to hear this news. Where is the funeral please? RIP Shelley

That’s very sad news. Shelley was one of the most creative managers I have ever known … always thinking of new ways to do things. She was farsighted and was wonderful for NACC; she put in place many important strategic changes. As you say Katherine she was always amazingly passionate about the region, about the environment, and about making a difference. It was an honour to share the challenge with her when I was a director, then Chair of NACC. Vale Shelley.
Jill Wilson

Thank you for your message. I am one of the many friends that Shelley made in the skydiving community. Over here on the east coast many of us have only just received this very sad news.

As you all know, Shelley was a wonderful, full of laughter and full of life woman. Along with me, many in the skydiving community are mourning her loss and remembering countless great times with her.

I wanted to pass on my deepest sympathy to all her friends and family. She will never be forgotten.

Audette Exel

Thank you so very much, Audette, for speaking on behalf of all of Shelley’s skydiving fraternity.

Another legendary woman loved and admired by the skydiving community.

So sad to read this. I met Shelley in Darwin in the early 1980s, when we were both skydiving enthusiasts. We went on to stay in touch for some years after we both moved away before our paths diverged. But she’s always been close to my heart, and touched many others along her rich life journey. Vale, Shelley. So privileged to have share a part of my life in your company ❤️

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