Vale – Alison Doley

The Board, staff and members of NACC would like to acknowledge and celebrate the life of Coorow farmer and conservationist Alison Doley – who passed on earlier this month.

Ms Doley, owner of wheat, sheep and beef property ‘Koobabbie’, made it possible for 165ha of the property to be revegetated with native species of local provenance.

Her early fencing activities were well rewarded when the Critically Endangered flora Eremophila koobabbiensis regenerated in remnant vegetation she had fenced off 20 years ago.   This rare flora is only known to occur in small populations on Alison’s farm and grows in association with the Priority Two declared rare species Eremophila sargentii in salmon gum and gimlet woodland.

These same salmon gum and gimlet woodlands have also been classified as an important breeding ground for the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos as they provide suitable nesting hollows for this currently threatened species. Nesting hollows only occur in trees older than 130 years and are in short supply since agricultural clearing took place and are often invaded by Corella and Galah birds.

Alison was one of the first landholders to supplement existing hollows with artificial nests as part of a trial to establish their acceptance by these iconic birds.

In 2017, Alison was made a member (AM) in the General Division of the Order Of Australia. Ms Doley was honoured for significant service to conservation and the environment in WA through revegetation and catchment recovery initiatives.

She has been a member, founding member and president to several conservation and recovery committees, trusts and panels.

Alison was also one of the inaugural members to be inducted in to the Regional NRM Leadership Honour Roll and she will be sadly missed.

“…revegetating and protecting native vegetation has paid me some pretty large dividends over the years, not only is my farm more productive but I get to see some of the most beautiful plants and animals found in WA every day…” – Alison Doley



Photo Credit: Moore Catchment Council


Very sad to hear this news – an authentic environmental champion and quite apt that I write this as the Carnaby’s squawk outside my window here in Glen Forrest – RIP Alison Doley

It is impossible to show what Alison achieved in photos or reports, but going to her place you see a marvellous “Living Memorial” of her work, enthusiasm and dedication to NRM, thank you Alison.

An amazing & inspiring lady I was very fortunate to meet Alison way back in early 2000’s.
She was certainly inspired myself & many others in the NAR/NACC

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