Unbridled enthusiasm at the Dongara Weeds and Horses Field Walk event

A great afternoon was had by all last week at the first-ever Dongara Weeds and Horses Field Walk.

The 25 attendees at the NACC organised event were joined by Dongara vet Dr Emma Taylor, Matt Pratt-King and Yvette Rob from the Shire of Irwin, agronomist Tony Rosser, and Darryl Meredith from Great Northern Rural. What a great collection of knowledge.

The afternoon began with a walk through one of the paddocks belonging to hosts Lee and Rob Boelen.  It didn’t take long for people to start finding weeds, and with each discovery Tony explained how to control them, while Emma explained the potential impact of each weed on the health of horses.

The crowd enjoying the informal and interactive approach to the field walk on a sunny afternoon.
The crowd enjoying the informal and interactive approach to the field walk on a sunny afternoon.

The group recorded a number of species during their walk – including Turnip, Fat Hen, Stink Weed, Geraldton Carnation Weed, and Blackberry Nightshade.  There was a great deal of information to take-in but thankfully Tony has begun developing fact sheets so that individuals can identify and learn how to control weeds on their own properties.

Emma also –recommended that participants get a copy of Poisonous Plants for Horses: An Australian Field Guide published by Australian Government’s Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation which is a great source of information, and can be downloaded from the internet here.

NACC Sustainable Agriculture Project Manager Sarah Jeffery said there were no formal presentations on the day, and that was what people enjoyed most about the experience.

“It was just a really informative walk and talk,” she said. “There were so many opportunities to ask questions in a really relaxed environment on a very lovely property.

“We also got to see the horses put-on a great display – galloping across the paddock having a ball, enjoying their freedom.  For a horse lover what could be a better sight.”

The group finished what was a very successful afternoon with a social barbeque and drinks thanks to the team at Great Northern Rural.

Some attendees brought along in weeds in plastic sealed bags on the day which were taken away for identification and are looking forward to finding-out more information. Further fact sheets will be available soon.


NACC’s Sustainable Agriculture team would like to thank Lee and Robert for hosting the field walk on their property, and would also like to thanks the WA State Natural Resource Management Office for funding to make the day possible.

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Great to see Tony from GNR continuing his support of NACC.

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