Traditional Owners Inspect Potential ORV-use Areas

Traditional Owners on-country in the Shire of Chapman Valley.
Traditional Owners on-country in the Shire of Chapman Valley.

Amangu, Naaguja and Mullewa Wadjari Traditional Owners met on-country to inspect potential off-road vehicle (ORV) use areas in the Shire of Chapman Valley and City of Greater Geraldton.

Traditional Owners were accompanied by NACC staff, local government representatives and Steve Pretzel, Managing Director of Trailbike Management Australia.  The purpose of the visit was to share knowledge about the Aboriginal Heritage Sites in the areas and discuss how any future development might proceed with minimal impact on those sites.

“This on-country site visit with the Traditional Owners was a fascinating and important step towards our goal to develop a gazetted off-road vehicle use area close to Geraldton”, said Dr Mic Payne, NACC Coastal and Marine Program Coordinator.

“Non-indigenous Australians might just see a paddock, whereas Traditional Owners see a landscape containing special sites that link them back to their cultural connections with the land”, said Dr Payne.

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This project is funded by the WA Department of Planning Coastwest Grant Program.

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