Top of the class – Student gains real life experience with NACC

Every day, the staff at the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) work hard to build a healthy and diverse land, water and sea-scape; whether from behind a desk or out in the field.

Part of NACC’s mission is to inspire sustainable stewardship – to look after our land and sea – and this was achieved last month when Central Midlands Senior High School workplace student Candice Streppel spent a day working as part of the team.

Candice discovered firsthand what it’s like to work for NACC by joining NRM Officer Heather Legge on one of her Biodiversity Program site visits.

Farm fencing for the future

The pair travelled to Coorow and Watheroo to have a look at some fencing that had recently been installed to protect precious on-farm bushland.

“The first farm we went to was 10 km out of Coorow where the owner, Charles, and his worker, Lauren, had put up an 8 km fence to prevent his sheep and cattle getting into the protected bushland,” Candice said.

“We had a look at the fence and bushland – it looked fabulous – and we put-up some used cattle ear tags to mark our photo monitoring points, as we took the first reference photos.”

“Charles received the funding for the fence from NACC via the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme – to help protect native plants and animals. It was great to see them up and operating, and to know that these fences will help to enable the native vegetation to survive and thrive. The photo monitoring points will help him monitor the change over time,” she said.

Candice said she noticed many different soil types during the trip between the two properties – from Moora to Coorow.

“I was amazed at the colours that we saw. I really enjoyed working outside in the beautiful changing landscape.”

“Being a workplace student allowed me to understand what kind of jobs exist in the world of NRM and some of the processes involved in seeking funding approval.”

Candice is very grateful to NACC for the valuable experience and to Heather for being a great mentor.

This project is proudly supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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