Tidy Towns, can you help?

Here in the Northern Agricultural Region we LOVE our natural environment and everything that calls it home!

To keep our region cleaner and safe, Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KABWA) is calling on everyone across the State to help spread these words: ‘Unsecured Loads, Unsafe Roads’. 


 What does this have to do with Tidy Towns?

Lots of roadside litter comes from the back of utes, trucks and trailers because loads are not properly secured. Items coming off the back of vehicles also pose a safety risk to following vehicles, and especially their drivers and passengers.

The Unsecured Load, Unsafe Road campaign includes a range of strategies to educate drivers about the dangers of not securing their loads correctly and how to avoid the hazards caused by items falling off trucks, utes and trailers.

KABWA has developed a kit which can be used at local events to promote this message and is looking for help from Tidy Towns members to promote this message to communities across the NAR.

How to keep Australia beautiful?

Field days, market days and community festivals are all fantastic places to help spread this message to the community.

Or perhaps you have ideas of other avenues where you can promote this important message? Great! Not only will you be addressing a litter issue but making your community safer.

Each participating group will also receive a $300 donation to assist with costs.

If you are interested please contact tidytowns@kabc.wa.gov.au or ring Gail on 6467 5131 to find out more.


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