This trailer’s out of the park

DoF’s Mick Kelly handing over the trailers to NACC’s Dr Mic Payne.
DoF’s Mick Kelly handing over the trailers to NACC’s Dr Mic Payne.

NACC will be rollin’ ’round the region in style from now on – thanks to a donation of two “environmental awareness” trailers from the Department of Fisheries (DoF).

The recycled trailers will add a new capacity to NACC’s education activities at schools and community events across the Northern Agricultural Region, and help to further engage community action protecting the local environment – in a new and exciting way.

“NACC will now be able to take purpose-built displays and resource material across the region, and help further our mission to Catalyse Community Conservation,” said NACC Biodiversity Program Coordinator Dr Jessica Stingemore.

“NACC’s coastal and marine program have already started to create a number interactive displays on local environmental subjects – such as the importance of dune restoration, coastal and marine food webs, and photo monitoring, as well as iScope activities to identify macro and microscopic flora and fauna,” said NACC Coastal and Marine Project Officer Vanessa McGuiness.

However, it’s not all about the coast explained Ms McGuiness. NACC’s sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, and Aboriginal participation programs are also planning to make maximum use of the trailers.

NACC also plans to use the trailers to help promote important community programs run through the DoF, such as their ‘Send Us Your Skeletons’ and ‘Redmap’.

In the coming months, be sure to keep an eye out for the ‘new’ NACC trailers at community events across the region.

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