The Show Must Go On

Whilst awaiting news on funding proposals, NACC NRM’s Coastal and Marine team has been anything but idle. There is always the need to share knowledge on coastal topics and plenty of eager ears to listen.

This month, Coastcare Support Officer Dr Mic Payne could be found in front of Nagle Catholic College’s Year 9 students running through the process of Solution Fluency, as outlined in NACC NRM, Coastal Curriculum Packages. These packages take students through a step-by-step process in which they:

  • Define a real-world problem
  • Discover all they can about it
  • Dream about possible fixes
  • Design a reasonable solution
  • Deliver a product that implements the solution, and
  • Debrief on the likely success of the product.

These project planning and implementation skills will aid students in many aspects of their future. This topic was co-presented with help from the Honorable Ms Lara Dalton MLA and the City of Greater Geraldton.

Mic then joined the City of Greater Geraldton’s Environment and Sustainability team to discuss coastal processes with Year 10 students from Nagle Catholic College.

Shannon Holler of the City of Greater Geraldton speaking to Year 10 students from Nagle Catholic College

Students heard about some of the primary coastal processes that affect Geraldton’s beaches and the management strategies deployed by the City to address issues. There were many pertinent questions about the management of our beloved local beaches, especially as the students have been studying coastal processes as a special topic this semester.

Rounding out the community engagement trifecta, Mic was joined by a group of dedicated community volunteers to speak on Subtropical and Temperate Coastal Saltmarsh.

Organised by Birdlife Midwest, and with the Batavia Coast Maritime Institute as generous hosts, the evening’s attendees learned about Coastal Saltmarsh; what and where it is, why it is classified as a Threatened Ecological Community, and how we might go about fixing it up.

Birdlife Midwests’ Mike Clarke presenting on the relationship between birds and wetlands

Mike Clarke of Birdlife Midwest followed up with an incredible presentation on local birds and wetlands, and the close association between the two. Investing in improved saltmarsh means investing in a thriving future for shorebirds; that we know for ‘shore’.

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