The heat is on – in the dunes!

Summer has arrived and now is a good time to revisit coastal revegetation sites in preparation for the heat, wind and significant lack of water.

The pressure is high to keep those plants alive and while good planning during winter can help ensure your revegetation efforts are effective, some extra care in the lead up to summer can really help boost survival.

Firstly, take your tops off.

Well your tree guards at least.
Giving plants some breathing space is a good idea. Left in guards too long, plants can become top heavy and be damaged in high winds. As a rule of thumb, if the plant is starting to push against the sides of the guards then it is time to take it off.

Next, get your hose out.

Watering with at least 2 litres per plant will help roots develop and grow deeper into the sand where the only available moisture will be once the heatwaves kick in. Pay close attention to any summer weeds that are emerging, it may pay to spray or pull out a few of these pesky plants that are competing for crucial water and nutrients.

Finally, get brushing.

Laying down some branches of local native species over bare sand can help reduce soil moisture loss and wind-blown sand. Make sure you have the necessary flora licence and permission from your Local Government authority. With some careful placement it can also help direct people to designated beach access tracks. Click here for more information on uses of brushing.

NACC Coastal and Marine Project Manager Hamish Longbottom said investing some more time and effort now will maximise your revegetation efforts and save a lot of heartbreak after summer.

“We have a 400 litre mobile watering set up available for community groups to water NACC-funded plantings, get in touch to find out more,” he said.

For more tips on how to get the most out of your revegetation efforts check out our revegetation video.

NACC’s support for Coastcare groups is made possible through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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