The First Round is in the Ground

NACC NRM’s Supporting Smarter Farms Project is now in full swing – with the first round of tenders received and assessed.

The aim of this tender process is to provide an opportunity for landholders to deliver innovative solutions to common NAR problems such as soil acidity, wind erosion, increasing soil organic carbon and improving native vegetation and on-farm biodiversity. This opportunity is being offered through a competitive bid process which NACC NRM has developed to help drive innovation and improved land use management.

NACC NRM’s Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator Callum Love said that it appears that organic soil carbon was the preferred innovative this round with four successful sites funded.

“These sites will focus on activities that will increase soil carbon through the application of composts, vermicompost and subsoiling organic materials.”

“And in true sustainable agriculture fashion these activities have been set up with flow on benefits to other issues – particularly soil acidity and increase in groundcover.”

Mr Love added that as it is still early days for these sites, we don’t yet have any outcomes to share. But keep an eye on future NACC Notes instalments to hear about the outcomes from these projects.

“Stay tuned as well for more information about workshops showcasing and promoting the amazing work that our land managers are doing.”

NACC is keen to keep working on-ground with our local farmers – so if you are interested in being involved please get in contact and register your interest to receive Round Two guidelines as soon as they are released.


NACC’s Supporting Smarter Farms project is supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships initiative of the National Landcare Program.

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