The final countdown

In October this year, NACC joined dozens of bird lovers to explore Geraldton’s backyard, as part of the Aussie Backyard Bird Count.

Held by Birdlife Midwest-Geraldton and NACC, the successful event helped record an amazing national count of more than 1,009, 894 birds.

More than 42,000 nature-loving Australians took part in surveying birds around their backyards, which helped to top last year’s count by 157,576 birds.


According to a Birdlife Australia spokesperson, “the Top 10 most common bird species in Australia remained unchanged from last year, with the Rainbow Lorikeet, once again, taking out the number one spot.

“There were minor changes in the order of some of the top 10 birds – Common Myna, Galah and Silver Gull were bumped down a place or two, with House Sparrow, Red Wattlebird and the Welcome Swallow moving up the list.

“Other notable changes occurred in some of the state’s Top 3 birds, in WA the Silver Gull had its spot in the Top 3 taken by the Galah.”

NACC’s Regional Landcare Facilitator Stanley Yokwe who helped to coordinate the local event this year, said it was a fantastic chance to meet passionate bird-lovers.

“It was great to be involved in this year’s Geraldton Backyard Bird Count, and I was able to meet passionate bird-loving people in our community,” he said.

“Events like the Aussie Backyard Bird Count or local bird survey activities aren’t only a job for experienced twitchers or ornithologists, anyone in the community can actually take part and participate.”

The 2016 Aussie Backyard Bird Count will be held 17-23 October 2016, so please watch this space.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the Geraldton Backyard Bird Count this year.

Visit the Aussie Bird Count website for more detail on 2015 ABBC results.

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