The best of both worlds

Nathan Teakle has just completed around 2.5 km worth of fencing on his property Walkindyer. This livestock and cropping property in Bowes, in the Shire of Northampton, now has 91 ha of protected coastal bushland.

Nathan believes he has the “best of both worlds” – with beautiful bushland overlooking the ocean, and is happy to see it fully protected.

Vanessa Brown, Bushcare Officer at NACC, visited Walkindyer to inspect the completed fencing on Nathan’s property, and can see the vast difference that fencing-off bush makes.

Along with protecting native bushland, Nathan is also addressing the issue of African Boxthorn (Lycium ferocissimum) on his property, which has become well established in coastal dunes and along riparian habitats between the Hutt and the Irwin River. African Boxthorn was originally introduced from South Africa to provide hedges and windbreaks, but is now classified as a Weed of National Significance (WoNS).

African Boxthorn has become a major threat to biodiversity because it outcompetes native flora and alters the habitat by forming dense, impenetrable thickets. It has spread rapidly since its introduction because it produces appealing red berries that are eaten by both native and non-native fauna.

NACC is also working to control African boxthorn on a number of sites, including the Irwin Estuary. Find out more>

If you have seen any areas containing African Boxthorn (L. ferocissimum) please contact the NACC office on (08) 9938 0100.


This project is supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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What an amazing view where Land meets Ocean.
Terrif to see farmers are getting involved

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