Ten out of ten for Bush Heritage Australia

Hats off to Bush Heritage Australia for a decade of conservation work at their Eurardy Reserve – one of the many “jewels” in the Northern Agricultural region.

When Bush Heritage bought Eurardy Reserve in 2005, it had an immediate impact on Western Australian conservation.

Overnight, the amount of jam and york gum woodlands protected in the Geraldton Sandplain bioregion jumped from less than 1 per cent to 22 per cent.

Eurardy Reserve, tucked into the northern edge of the Southwest Australia Biodiversity Hotspot, protects more than 500 plant species and forms a critical habitat link between Kalbarri National Park and Toolonga Nature Reserve to the north.

Native bushland at Eurardy Reserve is exceptionally important for species such as the nationally vulnerable Malleefowl, the endangered small-petalled Beyeria (a plant presumed extinct until rediscovered in 2005), Red-tailed black cockatoo, Spinifex hopping-mouse, Hairy-footed dunnart, Kalbarri spider-orchid and Beard’s Mallee (just to name a few)!

At a recent “ten year celebration camp–out”, Bush Heritage Australia staff and their families were joined by numerous volunteers to rejoice in the Reserve’s history and future.

During the festivities, current Reserve Manager Ben Parkhurst thanked past managers for their efforts in rebuilding and restoring the health and resilience of the reserve and its native animals and plants.

Mr Parkhurst also acknowledged that Eurardy Reserve has benefited enormously from the generous support of volunteers and that their skills, experience and time have all helped Bush Heritageto protect ecologically important and threatened landscapes across Australia.

NACC staff were delighted to be invited to the celebration and said later that they look forward to many more trips to the Reserve!

NACC would like to congratulate Bush Heritage Australia for the amazing work achieved thus far, and look forward to their growing partnership with the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council.

If you would like to visit a Bush Heritage Reserve, why not look-up Eurardy Reserve, Charles Darwin Reserve or Hamelin Station and start an adventure that could just make a difference – to you and the reserve.

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