Talkin’ Soil Health Conference

The hugely successful Talkin’ Soil Heath Conference is back, with the next event set for March 2018.

Talkin’ Soil Health is a collaborative partnership between the Northern Agirucultural Catchments Council and its fellow WA Natural Resource Management groups.

The group has been organising the Conference for a number of years now, with the inaugural event held in York in 2013.

The Talkin’ Soil Health conferences have proved to be a great opportunity for farmers, industry and researchers to come together and discuss soil health.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of these past events we are expanding in 2018 and will host two separate conferences – the first will be hosted in Dalwallinu on the 13th and 14th of March followed by the Katanning conference on the 15th and 16th of March.

The NACC team is encouraging everyone involved in the agricultural sector to come together to discuss and collaborate. Attendees will also learn a bit about the latest research findings and how this information can be used to improve soil management on their farms.


For Further Information check out the Talkin’ Soil Health website at www.soilhealth

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