Taking a walk on the wild side

The Friends of Chapman River Regional Park have recommenced their regular (and popular) winter and spring guided walks through the park … and everyone’s welcome.

There was a good turn-out for the first walk of the season last Saturday, and the “Friends-of” group is expecting the same again this week.

Have a look in the “Events” section of NACC Notes for the full details, but it starts at 2:30 this Saturday – 25 June.

Already there is quite a few native plants in flower, including species Acacias, Grevilleas, Hakeas, Hibberias, Labicheas and even our local iconic species Geraldton wax (Chamelaucium uncinatum)

The Regional Park is an amazing asset in the middle of the city of Geraldton, with more than 300 species of plants, 123 birds, 22 reptiles and numerous other critters. Along with echidnas and kangaroos, hopping mice have also been spotted in the park.

Unfortunately so have quite a few stray cats – no doubt snacking on the mice, birds and reptiles – so Geraldton cat owners are urged to keep their pet moggies contained within their houses and yards to help protect our wonderful biodiversity.

Geraldton is on the fringe of one of Australia’s 15 Biodiversity Hotspots – the Geraldton to Shark Bay Sandplains Biodiversity hotspot – so it’s not surprising that the Regional Park harbours such a wealth of native plants and animals.

All interested members of the community are invited to join the guided walk this Saturday, or throughout the remainder of winter and spring. Led by club members with years of flora and fauna experience, the walks are always a fun couple of hours in the local bush.

For more details about the walk taking place this weekend click here>

You can also keep up to date with the club’s activities via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chapman-River-Friends/1403433019914085 or Twitter: @ChapmanRFriends

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