Taking A Step Back

NACC NRM’s smartphone app, Photomon, was developed in 2013 to assist community and coastal managers in monitoring coastal processes – using photos – at their local beaches. However, it has quickly became apparent that the app is equally useful for monitoring an array of on-ground projects including revegetation and weed control both along our coastline and in agricultural settings.

Numerous NACC NRM projects have been initiated since 2013 and include Photomon monitoring points. Over recent weeks the team has been reviewing our Photomon database and extracting some ‘before and after’ photos at NACC NRM project sites.

To get the ball rolling on this series, we’re sharing a closer look at a pair of photos from Jacques Point in Kalbarri where the Kalbarri Boardriders undertook a revegetation project in 2016 thanks to a NACC NRM, Coastal and Marine Program Quick Step Grant.

Grey saltbush and spinifex are the stars of the show on this sandy fore dune. These impressive results promise a rich future for this dune and these photos are also useful when planning revegetation for similar sites.

A big congratulations to the Kalbarri Boardriders for taking action to care for their local environment. 

Stay tuned for more Photomon progress updates coming soon!

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