Habitat Fencing Initiative

Soil improvement for salt-affected land

Landcare steward Brendon Haeusler is always working hard to improve the soil quality on his farm, and recently completed fencing a four-kilometre protective boundary around a section of native vegetation on his property ‘Kilburn’, northeast of Carnamah.

Living on the edge (of the clearing line)

At the end of the ‘clearing line’ – the boundary between the extensive remaining native vegetation of the inland rangelands and the more extensively-cleared agricultural zone – and sharing a boundary with Lake Moore, Bininninga Farms is a broadarce farm full of life.

Birds, bushland and breakaways

Northampton farmers Brad and Jan Eastough have recently completed fencing around more than 10 hectares of remnant bushland and breakaways on their property – protecting the habitat of Wedge-tailed Eagles and Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoos.

Riverside: A sanctuary for wildlife

Riverside farm owners Bob and Dawn Porter have recently completed fencing more than 500 ha of remnant vegetation on their property located just 100 kilometres north of Geraldton and 80 kilometres east of Kalbarri.

Nabawa fencing incentive success

Passion and Respect are two of NACC’s core values and they are also two words that quickly spring to mind when talking to local famer Russel Coupe – a passionate and knowledgeable land owner with a property in Nabawa.

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