Summer-Autumn Feed Gap Tips and Tools

It’s been a hot and dry summer so far! This weather makes managing the Summer-Autumn feed gap quite a challenge for our local farmers. But with some research and new tools available to farmers, managing this time period can be a lot easier and cheaper.

The Growing Great Ground project aims to provide knowledge to managers of Agricultural Land in the NAR to address wind erosion and improve on-farm biodiversity through the establishment of ground cover and native vegetation. Perennial pastures and fodder shrubs can also be a great source of out-of-season feed and have a high drought tolerance. NACC NRM, along with WMG, MIG and Grant Bain, will have two perennial pasture paddock discussions and information workshops this autumn, so keep an eye on our socials and NACC Notes for more information about them!

In the meantime, to assist our local farmers this season the NACC NRM’s Sustainable Agriculture Team have compiled a number of articles and tools which may provide some useful tips to manage the feed gap.



NACC NRM’s Growing Great Ground project is supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Landcare Partnerships initiative of the National Landcare Program.

Anna Cornell – Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer

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