Strengthening Our Regional Presence

The influential role of agricultural shows across Australia may appear to be declining, but a revival is underway as those in the country aim to bridge the rural-city divide and to generate collaboration and connection across our wonderful region.

And this was highly evident when this August NACC’s Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle teamed up with our Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitators Annabelle Garratt and Lizzie King as they headed bush to join some of the shows.

Attending both the Perenjori and Dalwallinu Shows, as well as the Mingenew Expo, the NACC NRM Team saw firsthand that it is clearly an exciting time to be involved in sustainable agriculture.

Highlights from the shows were many but the various cooking demonstrations that breached the city-urban divide and showed just how good WA produce is, were popular across the board.

The animal farms were likewise a crowd favourite but also provided an valuable education role in understanding that meat comes from animals

Events like regional shows and field days not only provide a fun day out for all involved, they are also important occasions for the NACC NRM Team to network, meet the community and discuss how we can work together for shared outcomes.

During the shows Annabelle and Lizzie took the opportunity to share the latest in the sustainable agriculture space, while Jarna was excited to promote NACC NRM’s biodiversity incentives and upcoming events – like the Canna Reserve BioBlitz.

Annabelle said that shows are a representation of agriculture for contemporary societies and getting out and about in the community is important to NACC NRM.

“Agricultural shows are excellent events and provide a perfect platform to showcase what the region has to offer and further to this, what NACC can offer the region.”

“Having a chance to talk about landcare outside in the sunshine and in the heart of the region is really refreshing after a hard week in the office.”

Jarna Kendle added that it was great to get out into the region and talk to farmers and community members who she may not get the chance to reach regularly.

“Regional shows can help educate the community about natural resource management, and encourage more people into landcare careers. And what better way to exhibit this than at the local show.”


NACC’s attendance at these shows was supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Landcare Partnerships – an initiative of the National Landcare Program.


Great to see NACC supporting local events & educating our community on the many roles involved in NRM

Annabelle, So good to see you out & about spreading the good news about sustainable agriculture. I imagine you spent a LOT of time at the petting zoo during the shows although remember your Dad won’t let you bring them ALL home, maybe just a few.

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