Strategy, Governance, Forward-thinking, Innovation…

Strategy, Governance, Forward-thinking, Innovation………. If these are words which get your heart pounding with excitement, then hold onto your hats, NACC NRM has some exciting news.

It’s election year.

That’s right every second year, around half of NACC’s Directors vacate their positions to give the membership an opportunity to consider potential new directors, or re-elect the existing Directors if they have chosen to stand again. This is similar to the process which happens in local government elections.

Residents and individuals with an interest in the Northern Agricultural Region with a passion for community-led natural resource management are encouraged to apply.

The vacant positions (3) will be advertised over the coming weeks on the NACC website, through local newspapers, and also regional circulars. Nominations close 29 August with interviews being conducted by the Independent Selection Panel (as required) in September.

We are seeking community members who are passionate about overseeing the strategic direction of NACC NRM and contributing to community-driven natural resource management across the region. NACC NRM recognises the benefits that a diverse and inclusive culture brings and in turn, encourages talented people from all backgrounds, abilities and identities to apply to our vacancies

If you require assistance submitting an application, please contact Ella Neethling in NACC NRM’s Geraldton office on (P) 08 9938 0100 or (E) between 9.30am and 2.30pm.

For readers who are also members of NACC, stay tuned to hear about the candidates and for your voting instructions – as most of you would already be aware, NACC is going electronic this election in a bid reduce our carbon footprint and also improve our efficiency. As such your voting instructions will come to your email, and your vote will need to be submitted online.

NACC NRM greatly appreciates the time our members take to carefully elect NACC NRM’s  Directors and the NACC team greatly appreciates the important job that our Directors do in overseeing the strategic direction of NACC NRM.

We look forward to sharing information about the nominated candidates with you in the coming months.



Warm wishes

Katherine Allen

NACC General Manager


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