Stop, Collaborate and Listen

With the festive season just around the corner, Coastcarers and local community members recently embarked on their final coastal activity for the year, collecting native seeds at Guilderton.

Organised by the Moore Catchment Council and Apace WA, with support from NACC, participants also had an opportunity to take a good look at the seed-setting characteristics of some of the region’s coastal native plants.

Guided by Apace WA Project Manager Cat Williams, individuals learned how to identify a range of species, seed collection methods, and techniques for propagation. Armed with this new knowledge, the group then set about collecting and sorting seed. The warm weather meant that the hard pods of the Native Wisteria Hardenbergia comptoniana were starting to open, with their characteristic “popping” sound making them a bit easier to find!

After a few solid hours of work, the group enjoyed lunch at the Guilderton Community Club – where people had a chance to cool down and show-off the fruits of their seed collection endeavours.



NACC Coastal and Marine Project Officer Hamish Longbottom said: “The morning’s event was a great opportunity to learn more about our coastal native plants, their seed characteristics, and how best to collect them. The seeds collected will be used in Coastcare revegetation projects in 2017.”

“Moore Catchment Council did a fantastic job organising this event and it was great to have Apace WA share their knowledge of the coastal flora with community groups and individuals,” he said.

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 The project was supported by NACC through Coastal Community Grants made possible through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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