Spring Field days in the NAR: Great opportunity to learn, network and be inspired

Spring in the Northern Agricultural Region means many things to many people. Wildflowers! Yay! But for many, the main attractions of the season are the excellent and exciting field days that occur right across the region.

Spring hasn’t actually started yet, but already the first of the Northern Agricultural Region’s spring field days has been conducted – a joint Mullewa Dryland Farming Initiative and North East Farming Future event in Mullewa, and another by the Northern Agri Group in Binnu. At both events there was an excellent turnout of landholders, researchers and industry representatives, with a fantastic range of speakers from the local region and further afield – including interstate.

Some of the highlights of the Northern Agri Group spring field day in Binnu was a presentation delivered by the former West Coast Eagles legend Glen Jakovich. Glen’s key “take home message” (which certainly resonated with all of the NACC members present) was the importance of the power of people to work in collectively to survive adversity.

The spring field days are an excellent opportunity for sharing and networking as well celebrating the achievements of local growers and some of the great work happening in the community. Here at NACC, we certainly try to get along to as many of them as were can fit into our busy schedules.

We encourage all of our members and NACC Notes readers to get along to one or more of the spring field days in your local area being held throughout September. Upcoming spring field days being conducted include: the Yuna Farm Improvement event in Yuna, Mingenew Irwin Group in Mingenew, West Midlands Group in Badgingarra, and Liebe Group in Ballidu.

NACC congratulates the Mullewa Dryland Farming Initiative, Northern East Farming Future and Northern Agri Group for the success of their very well organised spring field days already conducted in the region this year.

The topics covered were a great combination of focus on profitable and sustainable agriculture and also on keeping the agricultural community thriving and vibrant. We look forward to the other events coming up.

For more information about any of these events, please visit the Grower Group Alliance website

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