Spreading the Word about Woodland Restoration

This month, Biodiversity Program Coordinator Jarna Kendle took the stage to deliver an informative presentation about NACC NRM’s new project, ‘Restoring the Eucalypt Woodlands of the WA Wheatbelt’.

Jarna spoke to a group of stakeholders and partners, including our friends at the Geraldton Regional Herbarium Group, with the support of Alanna Chant and Casper Human from the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA)’s Flora Conservation team.

Together, the trio discussed the importance of the Eucalypt Woodlands, and the significant role they play providing critical habitat to a range of threatened flora and fauna species. Jarna also provided an overview about TERN’s (Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network) new monitoring protocols, known as EMSA (Ecological Monitoring System Australia).

NACC NRM will be utilising EMSA to collect valuable woodland data around Threatened Ecological Community (TEC) condition, cover, and floristic assemblage. This data will be used to track conditions and on ground activities across a time series, and inform future conservation efforts to protect and restore the iconic Wheatbelt Woodlands.

The workshop provided a valuable opportunity to guide future collaboration between NACC NRM and key conservation partners, the Geraldton Regional Herbarium and DBCA. This collaborative partnership will facilitate important work in establishing regional priority areas and targeting key woodland sites within the Northern Agricultural Region, helping to safeguard the future of Eucalypt Woodlands of the WA Wheatbelt.

This project is jointly funded by the Australian Government Natural Heritage Trust and NACC NRM, a member of the Commonwealth Regional Delivery Partners panel.

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