Spreading the Seed-Collecting Skills

Last week our Biodiversity Project Officer Lynsey joined the Department of Biodiversity, Conservations & Attractions along with Yamatji Rangers from Geraldton, Badimia Rangers from Thundelarra and Western Mulga Rangers in an interactive Seed Collecting Workshop in Moresby.

DBCA’s Research Scientist Dr Andrew Crawford led the workshop, explaining different seed-collecting techniques, what has worked and not worked for him, and how to get the best out of your collection day in the field.

Using local species such as Melaleuca radula, Eucalyptus ebbannoensis, and Banksia attenuata,  Andrew demonstrated how to tell when seeds are mature and ready to be collected at the ideal time in their lifespan. He also explained how to get quality seeds while still reducing your impact on the environment, and how to minimize disturbance to the surrounding area.

He discussed the best methods for collecting, the ideal containers to safely carry and preserve your collection, and the best ways to find viable seed in the field to reduce time spent cleaning and sorting through waste products once you leave the field.

“Sometimes a bit of time and care spent in the field can reduce waste and cleaning later,” said Andrew.

“It is better to collect and carry less around the field, as impurities can be hard to get out of the collection at a later date.”

Andrew was extremely knowledgeable, and the participants were engaged, asking questions and taking in the information provided to them. Everybody agreed that the information was relevant to their work and that they would use the information going forward in their day-to-day duties.

The seeds that the crew collected will be used to complete revegetation projects within Moresby Conservation Park.

This project is supported by NACC NRM as part of the Threatened Species Strategy Action Plan through funding from the Australian Government. 

Lynsey Allen – Biodiversity Project Officer

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