#SolidScience – Connection to Country

Aboriginal Australians have always had a deeply ingrained connection to Country.

All aspects of Aboriginal people’s lives stem from their connection to the Country they come from. Culture, language, spirituality, family, and identity are all deeply rooted values that serve as prime examples of the significance of connection to Country. Acknowledging Country is a way for all people, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, to show respect to the Traditional Owners and custodians of this special place we all call home.

The relationship between Aboriginal people and the land is one of utmost respect and care. The land welcomes all people, and Aboriginal people ask that in return, country is recognised and respected. The land provides for the people, and when it is disrespected or destroyed, there can be real-world impacts on the well-being of the people whose land it is.

A common expression regarding the land is ‘healthy country, healthy people’. This means having a mutual respect for the country and ensuring that the resources on said land are never exhausted. For many Aboriginal people, colonisation was more than the stealing of their land, it also stripped them of their identity; an identity that some still struggle to find today.

Connection to the land is deeply spiritual, and was formed by the ancestors walking on Country. The land and the people are one.

Taj Mamid – Midwest Aboriginal Ranger Program Administration Support Officer

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