Solid Science – The Coast Tells an Ancient Story

Many ancient Aboriginal sites – many of which are called middens – are found on the coast. These middens are made of shells, stone flakes, bones and more.

Aboriginal people left them next to places where they gathered food.

The middens tell the story of what Aboriginal people ate, their activities and the animals that were plentiful at the time.

A 2015 paper published by Australian archaeologists reports the findings of two midden sites on the Mid West coast: the first at Oakajee River, north of Geraldton, and the second at North Head, near Jurien Bay. Radiocarbon dating shows that these sites are between 4,500 and 5,600 years old, with both middens apparently forming over a very short period of time. Possibly best described as small, shallow shell scatters, the Oakajee and North Head middens are typical of midden sites in the Mid-West.


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