Smooth NACCers

The NACC NRM team have been sharpening up their public speaking and MC-ing skills with the help of Euphorium! Jody from Euphorium took the team through the Smooth Talker – Master of Ceremonies Workshop on 18th January.

The team learnt about the traits of an engaging speaker, the basics of communication, and the roles of an MC. Some of the main takeaways were learning about our own individual illustrators and adapters. Using hand gestures at the right time to get the main points across is a powerful illustrator! Adapters include things such as fidgeting with your hair, swaying back and forth, pacing around the stage etc. Some adapters can be very useful when public speaking to help channel your nervous energy, but some can be quite distracting to the audience.

Jody taught us how to be aware of our illustrators and adapters, and how to use them to our advantage! The team also brushed up on skills on how to introduce speakers and energise the audience.

The NACC NRM team are feeling confident and enthused to deliver, speak at and MC some exciting events this year! Keep an eye on our NACC Notes for these events.

The NACC NRM function room at Walton Close is available to hire for any workshops, seminars, meetings etc you have coming up. Please visit this link for more details.

Anna Cornell – Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer

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