Small Town Farmer With Big Ambition

Local Farmer Neil Pearse.
Local Farmer Neil Pearse.

Miling might be a small town within the Shire of Moora, but local farmer Neil Pearse has big plans to rehabilitate his farming property.

Mr Pearse has a strong awareness of environmental stewardship, having undertaken his own oil mallees and tagasaste plantings to combat salinity and wind erosion. In 2009, these plantings were extended through NACC’s Sustainable Farming Incentive Program.

As a result of these plantings the soil quality on Mr Pearse’s farm has shown significant progress. In addition, “the revegetation has been great in reducing waterlogging, while also eliminating wind erosion and salinity”, said Mr Pearse.

“On otherwise unproductive land, Neil is now able to grow crops of rye and barley and this success has been motivation for Neil to continue with rehabilitation practices on his farm”, said NACC NRM Officer Sarah Gilleland.

This year alone − as part of NACC’s Rivers and Wetlands Project − over 46 hectares of remnant riparian vegetation, surrounding a naturally occurring waterway on the Pearse property, has been fenced off to protect it from grazing livestock.

Mr Pearse’s next ambition is to further rehabilitate the site with the revegetation of native plant species. This will enhance the ecological value of the site while combating any further salinity and loss of productive land.

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