Silky Eremophila – Endangered and Threatened Plant in the NAR

Photo courtesy of Wikispecies

Silky Eremophila (Eremophila nivea) is listed as Endangered under the EPBC Act (1999) and Threatened under the WA State Wildlife Conservation Act (1950).

This rare species is threatened by habitat fragmentation and degradation caused by land clearing, invasion of weeds, dieback and predation by birds, kangaroos and wallabies.

It is now found in limited areas of disturbed road verges and undulating plains around Three Springs, Morawa and Perenjori.

You might consider planting Silky Eremophila on your land and enjoy their flowering in the Spring.

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Wow, did not know this! I think it is treated as a weed by neighbouring farmers in the Canna area. We have substantial areas amongst our plantings as well


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