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Project 1- Facilitating landuse- overview


Thanks to a collaboration between the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) and CBH, farmers have a new opportunity to donate some of their grain to help improve land stewardship in the region.

NACC appreciates all of the support we already get from our members, including many farmers across the region, but we are always looking at new and innovative ways to extend this.

Hence this new collaboration with CBH.

We are calling-on any farmers who are feeling charitable this harvest season, to jump on board and support NACC by donating some of their grain.

Through our friends at CBH, you can drop your grain off and nominate NACC as the recipient of the proceeds.

Why donate your grain?

The proceeds of your generous donations will be used to further implement NACC’s land stewardship projects within the Northern Agricultural Region.

For more information about the pilot project, please contact NACC on 9938 0100.

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