Sexually-deceptive trap flowers

Watch this fascinating video of pollination of sexually-deceptive orchids by fungus gnats!

This video shows how this orchid temporarily captures its pollinator. After a while, the gant gets released, loaded with pollen, heading for another flower.

Pollination of sexually-deceptive trap-flowers by fungus gnats (Diptera) in the south-western Australian orchid,…

Posted by Kwongan Foundation on Monday, 28 March 2016

Pterostylis sanguinea is widespread inland from north of Kalbarri to Balladonia and east to South Australia. They have up to 10 flowers that are held up to 30cm high between June and September.

Pterostylis comes from the Greek words pteron, meaning wing, and stylos, meaning pillar, referring to the winged column. The column is an organ combining the stamens and style of the flower. Sanguinea is from the Latin word sanguineus, meaning blood-coloured, of both fresh and dried blood.

Video taken by Daniela Scaccabarozzi and posted by Kwongan Foundation.

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